My name is Peter Guyton and I'm a photographer and blogger working out of the Falmouth, Maine, near Portland and my work focuses on Editorial, Sports and Portraiture (including pets).  

I attended the University of Vermont, where I shot for the Vermont Cynic newspaper covering sports and some great concerts (Jerry Garcia, Elvis Costello, Pat Metheny, NRBQ, Dixie Dreggs,  Robert Palmer, and Santana to name a few) before graduating into an Information Technology career.  Decades later I have returned to my photography roots which began (to my mother's chagrin) as an 11-year-old making contact prints in a bathroom with windows covered with cardboard and masking tape.  

Many yearn for the old film days, but I have a hard time doing that myself, the tools of the digital age truly free me and plus my hands now lack that ever-present stench of  of Dektol and/or Fixer :-)  But alas, I still own my reliable old Nikon F3 and may just pull them out some day as I hear Kodak is re-releasing Ektachrome in 2017.

I am looking forward to working with you and capturing something special.

For more information on my work, see my Contact page to get in touch regarding photo opportunities or to just say hello.  Also visit me on facebook and instagram.

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