The Art of Copying Art

Copying artwork is not straight forward, especially when the end result needs to be extremely large. 

Here I leveraged Sony Pixel Shift, Sony Imaging Edge software, Polarization, Capture One Pro and AI Gigapixel to get some very large results.

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Efficient CaptureOne Pro Backup to the Cloud

CaptureOne Pro catalogs can get large, really large.  This trick will help you streamline that process by ignoring folders that don't need to be backed up.


Capture One Pro performance w/ Hardware Acceleration

Lots of talk these days about GPU and how it affects photo editing performance.   In searching to replace my aging 2012 MacBook Pro, I tested some options and compared performance with and without hardware acceleration (Open CL).  In the laptop world, it's hard to cram a powerful GPU into a machine and still maintain compact dimensions, but you can also add an external GPU to the equation, something you could not do a few years ago. 

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The World of the Sony A7Riii at high frame rates

I entered the world of Sony mirrorless full frame cameras recently and one puzzling area up front (coming from Nikon), is the max frame rate for sports and action shooting with the A7RIII.  I've done a lot of sports shooting and wondered why? In reality, I quickly found that  the answer to the question "how fast is the A7Riii?"  is often: it depends

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Day at the Gym

For a photographer, gymnastics is one of the tougher disciplines to shoot.  Light is often abysmal and inconsistent, and movement is erratic (often circular) challenging the best auto-focus systems you can use.... and to top it off, some gyms are not conducive to finding good vantage points.  The Dudziak's gym in Biddeford, Maine is a bit better than most. The lights are new and relatively bright (and consistent), the walls are white and reflective and it's relatively easy too get a good viewpoint.

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Catalog Conundrum

Capture One Pro users are blessed with a fine RAW image processor, excellent color adjustment tools, layered adjustments and perspective correction abilities... and some "challenges."  Regardless of those challenges, I have adopted C1P at the center of my workflow, so yes, I'm a fan.  However, recently I ran into it's biggest challenge (according to many) and had to address it.   

C1P's Catalog, while better than its reputation, suffers and slows as it grows in size.  In my case, the need to split it up became mandatory as I found myself often waiting for the catalog to do it's thing....  watching my Mac's dreaded rainbow spinning wheel.  Similarly, selecting the "All images" view, bought me time to brew a pot of coffee and catch up on the news.  Read more...

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