1. In the Cold, On the Rocks

    28 Nov 2020
    I actually like shooting outdoors in the cold, provided I can put hands in pocket occasionally and as long as I bring enough batteries (which tend to complain by just shutting down sooner than later). But surely, the challenge with any outdoor photography is adapting to the elements. Will it…

  2. Free Like A Puppy

    10 May 2018
    Back in my corporate days, we used have a saying whenever something was claimed to be free:  “Free? …. yeah sure …. free like a puppy!!!”   The meaning of course is that receiving a puppy as a gift is far different from a new watch you can stick in a…

  3. Hot Rod Fund Raiser

    16 Sep 2017
    Last summer I was lucky enough to shoot a fundraising event for Camps Kieve and Wavus sponsored by the Maine Combat Veteran’s Motorcycle Association.  A bonus fleet of hot rods joined the fun and met the veterans at a L-A Harley, a dealer in Lewiston, Maine,  before the 40-mile roadtrip…

  4. Old Fashioned Heat Relief

    16 Jun 2017
    I often hear of photographers, writers and artists hitting a “dry spell”, a cross-discipline “writer’s block” if you will.  Perhaps you shoot the same kinds of portraits a lot or get caught up in the other aspects of life that keep a camera out of your hands.   In photography, at…

  5. Copper State of Mind

    29 May 2017
    A recent project found me shooting catalog shots of some unique and antique copper pots and pans.  Sounds boring enough but in actuality, it was really interesting and challenging.   Ceres Copper Cookware sells rare and hard to find pieces they find all over the planet.  For the cognoscenti, these pieces…

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