1. White Out Friday (Yellow Lab in a snowstorm)

    12 Feb 2017
    New England pretty much shut down the other day. Well, not actually shut down but schools closed for an impending storm and many office workers opted to stay home and “dial in” (even though computers haven’t dialed anything in a decade). The Weather channel got this one spot on as…

  2. Old Picture Machines

    24 Jan 2017
    As a little self-imposed project, I decided to shoot some old camera equipment.  One of my favorites of all time is the original Nikon F, basically the camera that recorded the Sixties. It is all metal, small by today’s standards, and could bang out exposures forever.  I was too young…

  3. A boy and his dog

    17 Jan 2017
    I was spending time cleaning up my rather large catalog of images and splitting up my CaptureOne Pro Catalog into smaller ones … and stumbled into these from a couple years back of my son at a lake in Vermont.   The process reminded me to go back and look for…

  4. Another Blonde Walked Into My Life

    30 Dec 2016
    Hauling a puppy into a studio is usually hit or miss, and for the first 20 minutes with little Duncan, it was about all “miss”.  Alas, for some unknown reason Duncan settled down and found his mellow puppy zone, stood still and posed magnificently.    The derivation of “White Lab” (vs…

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