1. Oh Ginger!

    06 May 2017
    Something to be said about Rescue dogs.  Ginger is a Manchester Terrier, she and her sibling were rescued in the winter of 2017 as tiny pups.   We needed to get this session done quickly as the images would be used for an all-to-near birthday present Near…. as in a couple…

  2. Multiple Clicks

    20 Apr 2017
    So I was hired to shoot a family photo for a rather challenging group. Not challenging because they are difficult kids…. just the opposite…. but challenging because they range in age from less than 2 to 12 and there are six of them.  The print would be given to the…

  3. Unexpected Change of Pace

    18 Apr 2017
    The phone call came out of the blue and I didn’t realize it was on my business line (I have two lines on one cell phone). If I’d known, I surely would have answered in a more ‘businesslike’ way, rather than in a “hello who are you?” kind of way…

  4. 91 in People Years

    24 Mar 2017
    We were thinking about what to do for old Lucy as she turned 13 and I sorted through years of images to gather a collection of photos of her.  In doing so one is forced to revisit the hikes, docks, swims and just plain hanging out that occurred under her…

  5. Eastern Promenade, Portland, Maine

    16 Feb 2017
    A far as favorite places go, I have many… the dock in Menemsha harbor on Martha’s Vineyard, the top of Sugarbush or Tuckerman’s on a clear day, just about anywhere in Yosemite National Park… but locally, the Eastern Promenade in Portland is hard to beat.   Yeah, everyone knows it’s great…

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