Unexpected Change of Pace

The phone call came out of the blue and I didn’t realize it was on my business line (I have two lines on one cell phone). If I’d known, I surely would have answered in a more ‘businesslike’ way, rather than in a “hello who are you?” kind of way  (yes, I’m a victim all too often of telemarketers).  Fortunately, no harm no foul and after some discussion I began planning my trip to L-A Harley in Lewiston, Maine 

The task? To shoot capture a beautiful deep-blue and purple Harley Davidson Road King which is being auctioned-off later this Spring,  … plus grab a group shot of the Maine Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association members standing with it.

The challenge was that I had no backdrop big enough to help with the shot(s) and we initially had very limited space (to say the least).  I also had no time to scout the dealership and understand what I was walking into.

Fortunately, I brought a big enough light kit to improvise.  And then after the group shot in a very cramped room, we found  a larger meeting room that wasn’t being used and quickly relocated the Road King there, re-setup my kit, and shot it again..  

The three shots above are culled out of multi-image composites taken in a bright room.  Gave me a chance to dust of my compositing skills and have some fun post shoot.  I’m mostly happy with the result and my customer is happier (which is all that counts).  I do plan on making a moodier, more dramatic version when time permits.  Cool machine though.

Peter G.

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