Why Headshots?

Headshots have become essential in the age of always-online access to your web presence. Who's viewing your LinkedIn or Facebook profile right now? Umm, no clue, right? Is it a recruiter checking you out for the perfect job? Is it a director looking to fill a spot in a new ad campaign? Is it a child acting coach looking to fill a role for in Annie? The truth is we never know who might land on your profile; but we do know a poor first impression may turn them off before digging deeper. Your headshot is often that first impression and a quality headshot says to that recruiter/director/CEO, "Hmm, let's learn a little more about this person."

And while a good headshot captures you in with proper lighting and in the correct size; an excellent headshot captures more: things like "confidence", "whimsy", "energy" or perhaps even "wisdom" ; attributes which are true to you, not an act.

Headshots are not painful!

A professional headshot, be it for business or theatrical, social media, dating sites or all of the above, is a very important part of your personal branding.  Better yet, it's easy and affordable.  

My easiest and simplest option is the Efficient Headshot with an investment starting at $125 (one backdrop, one outfit) which generally wraps up in 30 minutes or less. Choose two final images from a minimum of eight.  License includes social media, web, print and marketing brochures (licensing for books and national ad campaigns additional). 

Want more?  No problem, let's expand it to include alternate backgrounds and multiple looks; available at additional cost depending on requirements.

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