I loosely divide my efforts between unscripted (basically outdoor) and formal; and with many clients I provide both.  I firmly believe pets make us better humans and teach us too many things to list, and for that reason alone, I love to capture them and 'that look'.  'That look' is not tied to location and it can be elusive for sure and I've caught it under strobes and outdoors; sitting quietly on an ottoman under studio lights or waiting for the next instruction in the field.   A dog looks at its master in a special way, a 'hang a picture on a wall' kind of way, let me help you capture that look.

Something about pets in "the wild" or less formal situations allows them to truly be themselves. As my mom used to say:
"Go outside and play!"

Capturing pets in the studio is simultaneously fun and can push the limits of human patience. However, the rewards are almost always worth the effort.

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Bang Zoom Session

Efficient Combo

Whole Nine Yards

30 minutes, studio lighting or outdoors (but not both).  digital only.  Includes social media sized digital images.

One hour to 90 minutes with a mix of studio lighting and outdoor (location permitting). Social media sized digital images included. 

Let's spend a little more time and capture your pet at a unique location and throw in some studio lighting?  



2 hours +  starting at $200

Print packages additional

Print packages additional

Print packages additional


Couldn't believe the beautiful photographs resulting from less than an hour with my very busy and bouncing three-month-old lab. Took my breath away. Both indoor and outdoor venues made for wonderful memories.  Thank you!

Jennifer Gregg   Falmouth, ME

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