Multiple Clicks

So I was hired to shoot a family photo for a rather challenging group. Not challenging because they are difficult kids…. just the opposite…. but challenging because they range in age from less than 2 to 12 and there are six of them.  The print would be given to the father as a surprise birthday present.

I’d recently seen a family portrait done which must have had 30 individuals in it. The trick was that the family members lived literally all over the United States and the photographer had hired 5 other photographers, local to selected family members, to shoot portraits with the same lighting and backgrounds.  Then the “coordinating” photographer took the images from the other 5 and combined them into a single portrait.

Well, my challenge was not as great certainly, but I did have to shoot 6 individual portrait sessions, one per child, over the course of 8 days and combine them.  

The mom and I agreed on a black background and the result was extremely well received; sometimes planning pays off!

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