Eastern Promenade, Portland, Maine

A far as favorite places go, I have many… the dock in Menemsha harbor on Martha’s Vineyard, the top of Sugarbush or Tuckerman’s on a clear day, just about anywhere in Yosemite National Park… but locally, the Eastern Promenade in Portland is hard to beat.  

Yeah, everyone knows it’s great in Summer. Heck, Maine is just plain great all over in summer, but in Winter? Really?    

Well yeah, really.  My kids had a snow day from school and we ventured to “Easter Prom” with sleds and tubes in hand. Crowds were minimal as many schools had only delayed start; as a result… more hill for the few lucky ones.

And of course the kids only noticed the speed and jumps (and landings) and nary an acknowledgement of beautiful Casco Bay nearby

But alas, the bay  is never far away

In the end, the kids had fun, Dad had fun, and I learned to appreciate Eastern Promenade in another season!

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