In the Cold, On the Rocks

I actually like shooting outdoors in the cold, provided I can put hands in pocket occasionally and as long as I bring enough batteries (which tend to complain by just shutting down sooner than later). But surely, the challenge with any outdoor photography is adapting to the elements. Will it be blindingly sunny? or Cloudy? Will it rain? Will the footing be adequate for you, the pet, the pet’s owner?  Will views be obstructed by other people? Will the tide be so high that what you thought would be a great location is submerged?  Lots to consider. 

This particular day involved shooting Carl, a kind and appreciative rescue dog,  with his Illinois-based owners while Mother Nature struggled to reach 29 degrees.  Covid rules kept us distant which of course was pretty easy on the coast. The sun poked through for a bit providing a perception of an additional 5 degrees and we appreciated that … except maybe Carl who was too busy absorbing new smells. 

The Maine coast truly has something for everyone. In this case, Carl’s owners wanted something iconic, more in tune with the “rocky shores” Maine is well known for.

Of course, Maine has no shortage of great rocky locations, but the most convenient one for all concerned was Wolfe’s Neck Woods Park in Freeport. I love that location for its rocky platforms to pose dogs (and humans if you prefer) and the background includes the rock striations and the Atlantic.  It doesn’t hurt that the small island maybe 50 yards away is also home to a giant Osprey Nest.

Of course, Maine has some gorgeous sandy beaches too at the likes of Pophman Beach, Higgins Beach, Scarborough Beach, Pine Point, Wells etc., many of which are south of Portland, but this was Carl’s day on the rocks.  

Oh, and if anyone is wondering, Carl was always on a leash which kept me busy on the computer digitally removing both Carl’s master and the tether.

We enjoyed the location, captured some nice images,  and even some bright sun peaked out to allow us to a quick silhouette before calling it a day.

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