White Out Friday (Yellow Lab in a snowstorm)

New England pretty much shut down the other day. Well, not actually shut down but schools closed for an impending storm and many office workers opted to stay home and “dial in” (even though computers haven’t dialed anything in a decade). The Weather channel got this one spot on as the snow started at about 8:30am and didn’t let up all day.  

I’ve been personally kind of interested (fascinated? obsessed?) lately with sort of the “polar bear in a snowstorm” look and how to get it.  No polar bears in Maine that I know of so I took my crazy two-year-old white (yellow technically) Lab out for a some play time.

Unfortunately, all her dog toys and balls were buried deep and lack of toys only works so long … so the hunt was on for a substitute, which she found pretty quickly… 

… and it turned out to be much larger than it looked initially and was good for at least 15 minutes of activity. 

After watching a little of this action from indoors, my youngest decided to suit-up and join us,  and even our old lab Lucy (now 90 in people years) couldn’t resist.  Look close, you’ll see her smiling.

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