Glittery Dawn at the End of a Season

The Mainiac Triathlon

The Mainiac Tri in Biddeford, Maine is a September end-of-season ritual where triathletes give it one last swim-bike-run prior to the frigid waters of Fall and Winter.    Most are local athletes and it is a fairly small event (there were only 125 finishers in 2016) so it has a bit of a Norm walking into Cheers feel to it. All friendly, mostly familiar.

The early morning "walk in" is kind of somber and reflective.

Organizers Prepare

... and kids do what they do best prior to the race.  

Many athletes "warm up" in the sunny waters before the race start ("warm up" is relative of course, as wet suits are just about mandatory).

Race Prep, check-in

Mass start

Not so mass exit

Happy finisher

Age group awards and a lot of "see you next year"s

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